If you happen to be here thru AOL, you can visit several of their circumcision discussion groups.  Of course you have to be CONNECTED to AOL in order to do this.
       There is an entire Circumcision Area at Thrive.  The location contains several articles and a circumcision poll.

AOL Circumcision Discussion Folders

If  I could have, I would have provided direct links. For somereason, I couldn't effectuate that.

What you can do is ADD A FAVORITE PLACE foreach of these folders.  
After you enter the place's description,simply copy the ID numbers that are listed below each folder and paste intothe space that says "Enter the Internet Address"

Circumcision Decision, Moms Online
Circumcision Stories, Moms Online
Circumcision, Parent Soup
Circumcision, Better Health
Circumcision @Thrive
Circumcision, Men's Health

You can also try the links below to get from here partway to some of the same folders listed above, and then followingthe remaining instructions:

Moms Online Then click on the icon for theirMessages.Click on thePregnancyfolder and then you will see aCircumcisionfolder listed. Several folders preceded this one.  I'm toldyou can access them for reading and downloading by going to the Moms OnlineArchives.

ParentSoup  Under the Community Boards, ClickExpecting & scroll to theCircumcision Folder.

Thrive@health andchoose the Pregnancy Basics Board. Scroll down the list of folders until you find the one on circumcision.

To reach expectant parents, try these AOL pregnancy support groups:
Some of the areas are divided into quite a few folders based on due dates.

Expectant Moms, Moms Online
Pregnant Pals @Thrive
Pregnancy Circles, Parent Soup
I'm Pregnant, Better Health
Pregnancy & Parenting, Better Health

Interested in Becoming a Member?    You do not have to be a mother.
All men and women are welcome!   There are no dues.  You can be active or passive.
But, at minimum, please pass out this web page address to expectant parents, childbirth educators, medical professionals and to anyone else you know who might be interested.

to find out how to join.

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Created 3/31/97
Last Update: 07/15/98