AgainstCIRC Chats

At the present time we have no one to serve  as Chat Monitor.  We do not think it is wise to hold unmonitored chats.  Therefore we must discontinue our regular chats until future notice.

We are sorry to disappoint anyone planning to attend.
We will maintain the instructions below in the event chats re-begin. If interested in attending a chat, check back from time to time to see if they have restarted.

You may join this chat through the web.
When you arrive, simply ENTER a nickname.
No password is necessary, (unless you are using a registered nickname.)
Once you type in the nickname, if instead of letting you right in the room, it takes you to a form to complete, you entered a nickname that's in use by someone else. Re-enter a more obscure name and keep trying different names until you get in the room. Only an unused nickname will let you in.
You do not have to fill out the form and you do not have to enter a password
(unless the nickname you're using is one you already registered in the past yourself.)

CLICK HERE to enter the chat.

You can also come by using IRC shareware:
like mIRC for Windows and Ircle for Macintosh.

You have a lot more control when you use Internet Relay Chat programs. The programs above are easy to download and easy to use. And there are proably many more to choose from, like Pirch, which I am unfamiliar with but I'm told it is a great program as well. When you use these, you are not bombarded with any annoying ads and there is no limit to the number of chat topics available. You can also keep the entire contents of a chat through a chat logging feature. If you chat regularly on the internet, IRC software is an absolute must.

Web chats constantly hit you with very distracting ads. Their text windows are small, and so are their fonts. Text loading can be slow and difficult to follow. You cannot create a chat log. Until web chats improve, these limitations do not compare with IRC shareware programs.

After you download and install the software, enter the following into your program and you'll be all set to chat: the channel is #AgainstCirc  and the IrcNet server is

Instant Messaging via ICQ

"I Seek You" is a program that lets you find your friends and associates online. You can create a Contact List containing people you want to reach. You can send them messages, chat with them, send and receive files.  With Beta Version 99a, you can also separate people into groups.  You can exchange voice mail, use a calendar/reminder, create a to do list, make sticky notes, and more. You can even make yourself invisible (on all versions)!

Chat & Instant Messaging Behavior:

NO FLAMING:  Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, or blame other people in the room. This means: don't say bad things to or about them.  Don't attack their race, heritage, religion, etc. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject, not the person.

Do not say anything harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable. Inflammatory or hostile remarks are not acceptable and are cause for booting you out of the room.

Do not provide pornographic content or links to pornography.  Obviously, our topic is related to sexuality and MAC does link to photos of male genitals for educational purposes. Sex is addressed at MAC and we do allow chatting about sex -- as it relates to circumcision and the natural penis. Sexual harassment and anything considered pornographic will not be tolerated.  

Members: Do not speak poorly of anyone within the anti-circumcision movement who is not present at the chat. If they have no way to respond to what's being said or can not defend themselves, it is out of line to discuss something about them behind their backs.

Sometimes members just want to vent. Please tell us when you are doing this.  Then we'll know when it's appropriate to warn people to be more careful, tone themselves down or give advice on effective communication.

When someone vents or makes an extreme statement, hopefully he/she realizes such remarks would only alienate someone OFFLIST, especially people who are open to information as they try to make this decision. VENTING  IS PROHIBITED during chats attended by expectant parents or by people in the process of  reconsidering their position on the issue of circumcision.

If you would like to give your two cents or plan on giving any advice whatsoever, please refer to the ways in which to effectively communicate on this subject before attending any chats.

Mothers Against Circumcision opened its AgainstCIRC Chat Room in Nov. 1998!
My thanks to Judy Phillips for setting up this Chat Room and our Instant Messaging Contact List!

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Created 10/25/98
Last Update:  7/17/00