Circumcision That Didn't Heal KillsBoy

NewsNet5 - Cleveland, OH
October 20, 1998

NOTE: NewsNet5 subsequently revised it's headline to:
Anesthesia Complications Killed Baby

CLEVELAND, Posted 6:46 a.m. October 20, 1998 -- A 3-week-old boy died whiledoctors were trying to fix a problem with his circumcision.[Note: NewsNet5subsequently revised this first paragraph to:"Doctorssay anesthesia complications killed a 3-week-old boy while doctors were tryingto fix a problem with hiscircumcision."While anesthesia may have been the immediate cause of death, the deathwas secondary to complications arising from a useless and non-medically indicatedcircumcision.]

A pediatrician noticed the circumcision performed on Dustin Evans two weeks ago wasn't healing properly and the urethra was blocked.  A routine surgical procedure was needed to correct the problem and clear the hole.

While being administered anesthesia on Friday, the boy's heart stopped, said his father, Dustin Evans Sr., 27.   Doctors at Rainbow Babies Childrens Hospital attempted to save the baby by massaging his heart and inserting breathing tubes.

He was kept on a life-support ventilator system during the day until it wasdetermined that his heart was healthy, but he had suffered massive braindamage.  Dustin was disconnected from life support about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

"You think, 'What could go wrong with a circumcision?' " Evans said."The next thing I know he's dead."

Hospital spokeswoman Eileen Korey said Monday she was limited in what shecould say about his death. "We express the hospital's deepest condolencesto the family," she said. "But in this case, as in all others, we are unableto talk about details because of confidentiality reasons."

Cuyahoga County Coroner Elizabeth Balraj said she has no autopsy findingsto disclose and says the matter is still under investigation. Denver physicianRandall Clark with the American Society of Anesthesiologists says 25 percentof all anesthesia complications in children occur in those under one monthold.

The above piece was copied fromNOHARMM
National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males


This tragic loss is now being blamed on anesthesia and it's been stated thatthe death was unrelated to circumcision.  

Imagine someone getting hit by a drunk driver.  The victim requiressurgery and then dies from the anesthesia.  It would be ludicrous tothen claim that the death was unrelated to the drunk driver.  Judy Phillips,MAC Member

Had the boy not been circumcised,  he would not have been subjectedto the dangers of anesthesia which was required to repair the complicationsof a circumcision. 

Excerpts from the Cleveland Life News
Reaction to anesthesia killed baby boy

Coments by Grace Boockholdt
MAC Member

"Avner said there was nothing the pediatric surgeon and anesthe- siologist could have done differently that would have saved Dustin. He said the death was unrelated to the circumcision and more likely was an idiosynchratic reaction to the anesthesia that proves fatal once in from 10,000 to 100,000 cases." How can the death be "unrelated to the circumcision" when the second surgery that was scheduled was the result of a *botched* circumcision?!
"The surgical procedure to clear the boy's urethra was necessary, not elective, Avner said." Yes--the second procedure was necessary because the first UNnecessary circumcision surgery was botched!
"The greatest tragedy we deal with is the death of a child," Avner said. "This case was even more tragic because it was an unexpected death." And, the last quote is appallingly disengenuous.  They should have said not that it was tragic because it was "unexpected" but, rather that it was UNNECESSARY!

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