You’re Having a Baby!
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     You pray for a healthy baby with all of his parts fully functioning. You eat all the right foods, quit smoking and stop drinking. You read everything you can about pregnancy, childbirth, child development and child rearing. You fix up the nursery and buy everything your baby might need, and probably much that he doesn’t. You’ve agonized over many decisions.


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The Case Against Circumcision

       You have prepared yourself for childbirth by taking classes. You visualize exactly how you want it to be. You may have written a Birth Plan. Finally, you are more than ready for this baby to be born. You pray that you can tolerate natural childbirth. You practice breathing and relaxation techniques. You strive in every way you can to make his entry into this world a smooth one, with as little pain and trauma as possible.

       Finally, the wait is over and your baby is born. Your first instinct is to take him into your arms, comfort, love and, above all, protect him. He is secure in your arms. Possibly, he is even suckling at your breast. He’s comfortable and warm, quickly settling in after the shock of being forced against his will through the birth canal.

       63% of newborn males in the U.S. will face the following scenario very soon after they leave the safe havens of their mothers’ wombs. 3000 babies per day are taken abruptly from the one person that makes them feel safe. As each baby is surrended, he knows nothing of what awaits him through these unknown hands.

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Intuitively, he is fearful. Yet he sensed no alarm from the arms that so willingly handed him over.  Placed on a cold hard surface, he is stunned. He craves the warmth and security of his mother’s touch, her smell and the sound of her voice. His mother? Where is his mother, he pleads. Did this sudden outburst from her body mean that she could no longer provide protection?

       His arms and legs are groped, spread apart, and strapped down. He cannot move. He begins to panic. He feels something probing at parts of his body. His lower parts. Parts he wasn’t even aware that he had.

       His genitals are grabbed and scrubbed with antiseptic. In shock, he screams. He cries desperately, hoping his sounds will convey his urgent need to return to that safe and familiar place. His cries are unanswered. Skin on his body is gripped by some sort of instrument. It is being pulled. Another tool is placed under this skin. Still strapped to this cold, hard surface, unable to get away, he feels nothing but terror. He is left where he is, totally defenseless. His protection on the outside was short lived. He feels all sorts of pulling, tearing, crushing and cutting.  The pain and fear are unbearable.    He screams wildly to no avail until finally, after 15 minutes of struggling, it is over. The lingering pain continues for days and reminds him of his horrible ordeal.

         "Whatever is done to stop the terrible practice of circumcision will be of tremendous importance. There is no rational medical reason to support one is aware of the deep implications and life-lasting effect (of circumcision). The torture is experienced in a state of total helplessness which makes it even more frightening and unbearable." Dr. Frederick Leboyer, author, Birth Without Violence

       If you’re pregnant or considering having a baby, this decision is one that warrants your full attention. Think of the time devoted to the process of buying a new car or a home. This decision also requires your time on behalf of your child. Of the many things you need to learn about the birth and care of your baby, this is one of the most important. Parents often have little or no education on circumcision. As a result, people tend to rely on myths and blindly follow the advice of someone else. Many babies are automatically circumcised. Become educated and make a fully informed choice. Make it your first unselfish sacrifice of time for your child. If, after reading all you can on the subject, you still choose to circumcise your son, you ought to at least be able to explain your reasons. Perhaps one day, he won’t understand or agree with your choice. How will you answer if he asks: Why did you sign the consent form, Mom?

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If you want more info and have only been able to locate people in your area who support circumcision, ask people who have perfectly healthy sons intact at AgainstCirc.  You will also find members of this discussion e-mail list who are doctors, nurses, midwives, childbirth educators, parents whose children have experienced wrongful circumcisions or complications, jewish people who've chosen against the tradition, men who regret having been circumcised, some undergoring foreskin restoration and men happily intact.  Subscribe to ask you questions and then whenever you want to discontinue the list, unsubscribing is easy.

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