82% of the World’s Men are Intact
by Mary G. Ray ©1997, All Rights Reserved

"It may well be that society's greatest madness seems normal to itself."

Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind

       There are 23 medically advanced nations. The U.S. is the only nation which routinely circumcises nearly 63% of its newborn males. Our country represents less than 1/20th of the world population, yet it performs more than half of all infant circumcisions worldwide. If the foreskin is so prone to problems, why haven't other advanced nations adopted routine circumcision? One can't help but wonder why the U.S. is the only medically advanced nation that performs routine infant circumcisions without any medical indication.

       Routine Infant Circumcision is limited to English speaking countries. The practice was intoduced to the U.S. through England, but they abandoned it nearly 50 years ago, practicing it now at the rate of only 1%. The rate is 3% in New Zealand, 10% in Australia and 20% to 25% in Canada. RIC is not offered in most non-English speaking countries. It never caught on in Europe, Asia, South or Central America. If the majority of men elsewhere in the world were having medical problems because their penises were left intact, wouldn’t these countries begin the practice?

Worldwide Statistics

       The population of the United States is 260 Million. The entire world population is 5 Billion, 700 Million. Out of those, 2 Billion, 647 Million are males currently living. 18% of them are circumcised.

       Of the world's male population, the breakdown of the circumcised and intact are:

               79 million American infant circs
                 9 million American child or adult circs
               13 million Canada, UK, New Zealand & Australia infant circs
               27 million rest of world infant circs
               44 million child or adult circs other parts of world
             315 million Muslim child/adolescent circumcisions

             487 million = TOTAL MEN CIRCUMCISED WORLDWIDE (18%)
  2 billion 160 million = TOTAL MEN INTACT WORLDWIDE (82%)

  2 billion 647 million = Total Men Living Worldwide


Out of the Worldwide Total of 487 Million Circumcised Men:

                        65% occur as Muslim cultural circumcisions
                        15% occur in other countries
                          3% occur in other English speaking countries
                       17% occur in the U.S.

**Above statistics complied by Demographics International

U.S. Statistics

       According to the National Center for Health Statistics in Washington, D.C., the latest figures on circumcision for the four basic regions of the U.S. as of 1994 (the latest reported date) are:

                                         Northeast  69.6%
                                         Midwest    80.1%
                                              South   64.7%
                                              West    34.2%

                  Average for entire U.S. is 62.7%

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