The Mogen Clamp

“Although circumcision with a Mogen clamp has been reported as easy, quick, and safe, and is being taught in a number of centers, it may be that some children, particularly those with smaller organs or those with redundant foreskin, should not be considered as candidates for the use of this device. Although this may be an isolated event, as there is a reluctance to report adverse occurrences, the true risks of this device are not known.”

CASE REPORT: A one day old baby with what was described as a relatively small penis and a "considerable but not abnormal amount" of redundancy of his foreskin was circ’d by a very experienced pediatrician "who had performed over 2000 previous circumcisions, over 250 using the Mogen clamp." When the clamp was removed, it was discovered that the tip of the penis, including the urethral opening, had been amputated. Surgery immediately followed and the severed tip was reattached. The reattachment was successful. On a follow up exam, two years later, they found the boy with a minimal cosmetic defect, functioning normally.

Strimling, Bruce S., Partial amputation of glans penis during Mogen clamp circumcision, 06/01/96, Pediatrics, Page 906, American Academy of Pediatrics

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