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Circumcision Diminishes Sensitivity
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 Circumcision effects sexual pleasure
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For Man & Mate, Which Sex is Better
-- Cut or Uncut?

by Mary G. Ray, ©1997, All Rights Reserved 

        These questions are repeatedly asked: How can the foreskin benefit the sexual experience of the woman? Is sex different for the man, whether he’s circumcised or intact? I have tried to answer these questions by providing posts made by various people online in different circumcision discussion groups.

          I have encountered people who assume that sex with an ‘uncircumcised’ man is unpleasant. Some have even gone as far as to say, it would be ‘nasty’. There is the stigma that men with a foreskin are unclean. It is time for this myth be laid to rest. The male with a foreskin can keep himself sufficiently clean with total ease. It is not a big production. See Natural Penis - Easy to Clean. Anyone who doesn’t bathe adequately runs the risk of causing a ‘nasty’ experience for their mate, whether it’s a male (circumcised or intact) or a female.

          Our culture’s tendency to prejudge the man with a foreskin reminds me of a child who claims to dislike a particular food because he’s never tasted it. Think of how many kids have refused to try something new because it ‘looks funny.’

          Familiarity is safe. Something new and different prompts fear and suspicion. Myths are generated. The world is flat, the foreskin -- repulsive. There is the assumption that women prefer the ‘look’ of a circumcised penis and the idea pervades that anyone with a foreskin is ‘smelly.’ We often believe negative generalizations about sex and the foreskin even if we know noone ourselves who has actually experienced these things. Having tracked many circumcision discussions online for a few years now, I’d be lucky if I saw more than two posts where a woman claimed to have had a ‘nasty’ experience. Rather, I have seen countless posts where people reiterate the generalization that sex with a foreskin is unpleasant. Therefore, it must be so. Somehow, the assumption alone is enough to worry parents and some young men.

          I have been contacted by teenage intact boys online who are afraid that girls won’t like them sexually because they have a foreskin. (See  The Sexual Preference for a Circumcised Penis and It's Disadvantages)   This pervasive, constant knocking of the foreskin, a very natural, healthy, part of a male’s body, should stop so that young men who are intact do not become confused and worried. Before they’ve even had the chance to fully experience that their foreskin is definitely sexually worthwhile for both him and his mate, he may be affected by the omnipresent incongruous generalizations. He begins to question whether the girl will like an uncircumcised penis. He can get beyond the negative programming our society continually plants, by learning about the benefits. He can be confident, and if necessary, he can explain these benefits to a partner who also has been affected by this misinformation. Visit Male Sexuality - Foreskin Anatomy  (and be fully prepared to see graphic photos of the male organ.)

Circumcision Diminishes Sensitivity

          A recent medical study concluded that circumcised men engage in a wider variety of sexual practices than uncircumcised men. [Perlman] “Although there have been no studies to confirm the idea, it is a ‘reasonable hypothesis’ that if circumcision diminishes sensitivity during intercourse, then men will seek more effective stimulation through other forms of sexual activity or masturbation.” [Van Howe]

          “Research published last year in the British Journal of Urology may well explain the links between circumcision, frequent masturbation and oral sex, however. A group of doctors headed by Dr. John R. Taylor at the University of Manitoba discovered that the small sheath of foreskin tissue removed during circumcision is filled with extremely sensitive nerve endings and mucus membrane cells. The head of the penis itself is extremely insensitive to light touch, although it can be stimulated by heavy touch, they found. That lack of sensitivity in the head of the penis may well account for an increased need by circumcised men for the more intense stimulation that masturbation and oral sex can provide, according to Dr. Robert Van Howe...”

          The sexual experience of the male can directly affect the female experience. Mentally speaking, if a male’s sexual experience is immensely filled with pleasure, it will usually enhance her experience. In fact, it is often said that “sex is between the ears, not between the legs.” It has been suggested by circumcised men that any loss of sensuality can therefore be overridden mentally. Possibly this is true for some. However, mental effects on sex must vary widely. Some people are less mentally ‘plugged in’ then others. No matter what, it wouldn’t be an issue if all the sensitive nerve endings of the foreskin were never removed in the first place.

          For those of you who do NOT know the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised (intact) penis, CLICK HERE for information and pictures showing those differences.  See also:

Pictures of noncircumcised penises.
Full body pictures of males who are noncircumcised.
For an extremely thorough look, see the 33 foreskin photos.

Sex as Nature Intended It:  The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love,But No One Could Tell You Until Now, by Kristen & Jeffrey O'Hara,
This book is available directly through the publisher (as linked above).  It is less expensive there than through Amazon.  However, you might want to look it up at Amazon just to read the positive reviews.

Personal Accounts of The Female Experience:

          “I've had a pretty modest number of lovers, but my uncirc husband is definitely, far and away, more sensitive than circ men I've known. This is such a plus - it is much more exciting for us both (the prematurity mentioned in some posts has never been a problem).”

AOL Member, 4/13/99:  I have experienced both cut and uncut.  Uncut is by far better, the feelings are more exquisite. It is gentler and the man seems to enjoy himself more.  Size made a difference with some as far as reaching orgasms sooner and easier, but that might just be a fluke of my own anatomy, but orgasms with the uncut smaller one were equally if not more enjoyable.  This was a long term relationship.

Sharon, Age 44, April 11, 1999 - Most of my boyfriends have been circumcized. I had more problems with size (some too large & impossible to use) than with cut or uncut. However, I had a few that were uncut. I was totally fascinated at looking at them with all the extra skin, and I discovered that since the penis goes in and out of its own skin, the vagina does not get sore from frequent sex. It is a much smoother process. I have had times when I was having frequent (what I call 'nuclear sex' at the beginning of a relationship) and got so sore and raw, from the common circumcized penis, of men in my age group, I had to sit in a hot bathtub, and then smear cortisone cream on my vulva. With a 'ragtop' that does not happen.

My present guy is circumcized but I accept that. I wish all guys were uncut, and I would never have a son of mine cut. I have never seen anything listed in the arguments against circumcision that it makes sex much easier and less painful for the woman. . . . I had more steady relationships with cut men simply because in the baby boomer age group there seem to be a lot more white men who are cut. I never performed oral sex on an uncut guy and they never seemed to want it. I assume they were getting enough stimulation from regular vaginal sex.

Being American born and 35, the chances that I or my peers to have experienced sexual relations with both intact and circumcised men is a rarity. Of the few friends that I know that have been blessed to experience both intact and cut first hand, we all agree.....the anatomically correct penis is a much better ride. I don't want to go into details *as I will start blushing* but at one point in my life I lived with two was cut and one was intact. I have had the opportunity to compare the two side by side at the same time. If American woman only knew.....
A Talklist Member, 3/8/99

“I had my son circumcised at birth. His father was circumcised and all of my previous boyfriends were circumcised! My father and brothers were circumcised along with my cousins! It was just the way I was brought up to know.

I recently divorced and started to date again. I fell back in love with a wonderful all American born hunk! Blonde, blue eyed and full of muscles! We got serious in our relationship and that's when I saw my first uncircumcised penis. I was mesmerized and didn't know what to do next. He sensed my hesitation and asked if I had ever seen one before. I told him no and he proceeded to educate me first hand.

I learned and experienced the true nature of god's gift. The endless pleasures it gives to the both of us during foreplay and sexually. I found I could last longer without getting sore and to experiment with different oral techniques that I never could have performed on my previous lovers.

I would like other women to post their same experiences in detail. I feel that by opening up and letting the public know about the sexual benefits of having an intact partner would open the eyes of many skeptical women like myself and perhaps spark their curiosity to want to go out and experience it for themselves. In turn, this will help eliminate circumcision in the future.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have left my son intact so he and his future sex partner can enjoy the same experiences I have gratefully experienced.”  Posted in Circumcision Discussion Folder, Moms Online, AOL in January, 1999.  Put on this site with express permission from the poster, Samantha.

          “Well, my college boyfriend was from Spain, so he wasn't circed. And I absolutely loved his penis. It was so sexy and exotic to me. In fact, I'm extremely disappointed that my husband is not intact.” In another post, the same person said: “Circumcision can harm sexual relations. If you've ever had sex with both a circed and an uncirced man, you'd know. Some women say that it doesn't make a difference, but I know that it definitely did for me. (Think "ribbed for her pleasure".) So I *do know better... and yes, I have heard a man complain about something he lost when he was 24-48 hours old.”

          “Circumcised penises look ugly and unnatural to me! Also, with an uncircumcised penis, when you rub the penis with your hand, the foreskin makes it "glide" up and down easier. Sex is better, too, for the same reason - the foreskin helps it slide in and out better. My husband was the first man with an uncircumcised penis that I had had, so I had nothing to compare to with my previous partners. If my husband ever dies and I start dating again, I will look for an uncircumcised man. The sex is better, and I can't stand the sight of a circumcised penis. Not only that, my husband's penis seems far more sensitive than my other partners' were, so he seems to get more enjoyment out of sex, which helps me enjoy it more. The circumcised penis is ugly, ugly, ugly!!!! The penis intact is beautiful, natural, wonderful! I can't imagine ever sleeping with a circumcised man again.”

          In later years, dry and painful intercourse is usually explained by the idea that women lubricate less. But sex with uncircumcised men is described as much more comfortable.

          This future scenario is described very appropriately here: “Well, since you've been through menopause, your vaginal lining is much thinner than it used to be. You also have much less lubrication. Luckily for you, your husband is not circumcized. When his penis enters your vagina, it is one mucous membrane meeting another, and entry is easy and pleasurable. You shudder to think what sex would be like if your dh was circed, because your friends tell you that the glans keritinizes (sp?) over the years, and the skin becomes thicker and drier. Forcing the dry, leathered penis into your ever drier and thinner-skinned vagina would be less than wonderful...”

          In an attempt to be fair, here’s an OPPOSING VIEW: “So, you enjoyed sex better with the uncirced man? Hmmm.....I've also had sex with both, and while I'll admit the actual act I can't tell a difference, it sure was a lot easier with the circ'd man because we didn't have to worry about the foreskin being pulled back too far and causing him pain. (during entry). I found it easier and less of a hassle with the circ'd man, and I would prefer a circ'd man if given the choice. (Although I love my dh dearly and our sex life is just fine, but for the reason given above, I would prefer circ'd.....(as would he....he wishes he were circ'd, but we've talked about that before).”

Personal Accounts of The Male Experience:

Mike Gauthier 5/11/99 - Here's my "account" of life as an uncircumcised man. I have made a quite recent (about 4 years) transition from loathing my penis to never wanting it to change for any reason whatsoever.

First, about me. I'm 32, from Hull, Quebec, and I am uncircumcised. There are quite a few uncut men in Quebec, but growing up the only penises I saw were on TV, in movies or in magazines, and of course practically all of those were of circumcised men. I had no real sexual experience with a woman until quite late (at 29, actually) and up until that time I thought of myself as "different". Around the age of 20, I developed a preference for European pornography, as most men in them were uncircumcised (and, incidentally, most women had unaltered breasts) which therefore made the movies more "real" to me. However, in life around me I believed most men to be circumcised. I seem to recall that in Quebec, habitual circumcision was stopped somewhere around the year of my birth, 1967.

In 1989, I became involved in my first relationship at the age of 29, the late age being mostly due to my high school years at an all-boys private high and my general shyness, no doubt helped by my perceived difference in anatomy. I decided to bring it up very early in the relationship, but in a way in which you could almost say I made me sound "superior", since by this time I had learned to love and appreciate my penis through masturbation. My partner was definitely interested, not being certain if she had actually ever "had one". I was very open and uninhibited, and gave a good demonstration, if you will. When she took over and learned its mechanics, she was overjoyed with the feeling of the skin moving over the shaft of my penis and the smoothness of the gliding motions. I explained to her that until the age of 16 or so I wondered why men needed lubricant to masturbate, until I realized that their skin was almost motionless.

My partner very soon developed a preference for the uncircumcised penis. I must say that by this time I had gotten over my dislike of my penis and my ideas of being different, and had also garnered a lot of knowledge on how to please a woman and be a good lover. She actually almost cried at one time, saying how sad she was that she had had her son circumcised.

My next two sexual partners also developed a preference for the uncircumcised penis. The one I am currently with enjoys performing oral sex on me very much, and believes that my penis is A LOT more sensitive than some circumcised men's, mainly because of her expert use of the frenulum, which gives me many "mini-orgasms" along the way, and plenty of aftershocks. I believe my orgasms through oral sex to be very powerful, almost nearing the experience of a female orgasm. Though we practice much less intercourse than oral sex, I have always found intercourse to be very pleasurable.

One thing I must add, however, is that as an intact male, intercourse while wearing a condom is an annoying and sometimes difficult experience, and I try to avoid them at all costs.

My partner will probably send in her account of the differences between her experiences with cut and intact males. You are correct in saying that a lot of it depends on the attitude of the male towards his penis, and his comfort with it. I have become VERY comfortable with mine, and would even entertain the idea of going to a nude beach. Because of this, all my sexual partners (okay, there were only thee of them... *S*) have developed a preference for intact men, though they did not have any prior dislike of them, to my knowledge, but were mainly unaware of the differences.

I believe a penis should be left intact unless absolutely necessary, and would fight to prevent the procedure should I one day have a son, as I would view that with absolute horror. And I pray that I, myself, do not have to have it done at any time in my life. I have gone from feeling very bad about myself and my anatomy to the polar opposite, loving myself, my body, and my penis. I am very proud to be uncut, and I can't help but feel a bit lucky.

I just finished reading almost all of the information on John Erickson's web site, In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child,  and I must say, I am impressed. I recommend this site to everyone, especially those folks at the Circumcised American Academy of Pediatrics. In particular I would like to mention the series of photographs titled, "the three zones of penile skin."   These [GRAPHIC] photographs suggest that, for coital purposes, the penis is actually an internal organ. We can easily see this in the dog, whose foreskin is thick and covered with fur. It is an internal organ and the thought of circumcising a dog is therefore repugnant to most of us. In fact, I would venture to guess that for most mammals the sexual part of the penis is similarly internalized. The photographs mentioned above tend to support the thesis that, for sexual purposes at least, the human penis is also an internal organ. As a 64 year old intact male who has engaged the female vagina (another clearly internal organ) in intercourse thousands of times, I can vouch for the fact that Mother Nature got it right, and that the biblical deity who flim-flammed Abraham into externalizing his organ and those of his descendants, got it wrong. There is no better sex than sex between two consenting internal organs.

The circumcised folks at the Circumcised American Academy of Pediatrics should delay their position statement until they have digested the material at Mr. Erickson's web site. Then they should take the position - a position clearly rooted in reality - that circumcision has no benefits, but has many disadvantages, and is contra-indicated. February 1999 - Permission granted to feature these comments  here from the poster, Raymond Doherty

When I was 13 my body was growing, and like many teenagers, my hormones were raging. One night I had an erection that quickly turned painful.  When I looked at my penis I discovered blood... blood coming from a tear  in the skin of my penis. I was painfully aware that at that time I did  not have enough skin to cover my own erection. It took several weeks for the tear to heal, with many lesser tears occurring any time I had an erection.

When I was 21 it happened again... This time while I was in bed with a girlfriend. The pain and embarrassment cannot possibly be described with words. Again it took weeks to heal, with several tears occurring while I was healing.

Do not [attempt to] rationalize the "minor discomfort" that an infant feels to the pain and suffering of those who have had painful erections, abnormal disfigurements, complete penile  loss, and loss of life. (Did you hear about Dustin Evans Jr who died in Cleveland OH on 11/22/98)?  This is a post excerpt from entry in Ethics in Wound Care discussion group under the thread of Anti-Circumcision, also posted in AC Talklist by MAC Member on 12/26/98

          “Later in life, the foreskin plays an important part in arousement, penile sensation, and ease of penetration. I had my foreskin removed at the age of 47 to avoid those old age problems I read about. What I discovered is that I lost about 50% of penetration pleasure. ...I feel that I made a mistake to reduce the level of sensation and expose that very sensitive bare penis tissue to jockey shorts, athletic supports, etc. I believe the unit was meant to be covered and protected until ready for use. I believe I would have enjoyed the added pleasure of sexual intercourse with my foreskin intact.”

Getting circumcised was the most foolish thing I've done in my life.  I had it done when I was 27.

It 's now been three full years since this grave mistake was made.  Having grown up in the U.S., as hard as it is to admit, I got circumcised purely out of curiosity, as the subject had been so close to the top of my mind for all my life.

I was quite sexually active before marriage, and had a pretty normal sex life after marriage for two years before my reduction. Now I am essentially only interested in oral sex, as vaginal sex does not provide the detailed sensations that it did when I had a foreskin.  The last thing a foreskin is - is a hindrance to sex.  The analogy of "seeing without color" is perfectly apt to describe sex without a foreskin.  Rather than being a touch-sensitive organ, it becomes merely a pressure-sensitive tool. BIG DIFFERENCE!  1/3/98

          Describing what it’s like for her husband who was circed during his 20s, another person says: “He said that he lost a lot of sensitivity and masturbating with the foreskin was very nice and he missed doing that.”

          “At 40 I sure wish that I had the benefit of the sensory nerve endings lost to circumcision and the protection and comfort afforded by a foreskin. All the interaction of my brain and thought process will never replace the pleasure lost. I want it back!”

I was born in a family where half of the boys were circumcised and half not. I always wondered about that and when I developed a subcutaneous cyst under my penis shaft, I discussed its removal and along with that a complete circumcision. I was 46 years old.

The surgeon removed too much foreskin under the shaft to excise the cyst and healing was uncomfortable during erections. When my healing did occur I did enjoy vigorous sex as the new wound stimulated me, however, I never did get over the uncomfortable sensation of the penis head.

I am now 64 and sure wish I did not lose that foreskin. In later life, in my opinion, not having that foreskin stroking sensation, is a bummer. If I had my druthers, I would opt to keep what my body came with, a complete foreskin. When a male gets older, that foreskin has to help him reach a climax due to the friction of the movement of the foreskin. I don't know because I ignorantly had mine removed. However, if there was a donor and no chance of cross contamination, I would certainly consider a foreskin transplant just to see if I am right.  6/18/97

I was very interested in your web site on the differences of circ'd vs uncirc'd men.  I am a 28 year old straight male that was circ'd as a baby. I am currently practicing non-surgical foreskin restoration. I have found that there is a tremendous difference in feeling now that my glans has begun to heal from all the years of constant rubbing on my clothing.  I haven't regained enough skin to cover the glans while erect, but I can feel the lubricating effect of the foreskin while making love semi erect. To those men thinking about getting circ'd later in life, Keep what you have! 12/18/97

I was circumcised in my late 30s after fathering three sons (all of whom were routinely circumcised shortly following birth). My surgery was entirely elective (both my spouse and I prefer the look of a circumcised penis) and I found it a both brief and relatively painless procedure. I entered a local hospital as an outpatient and the operation took less than 30 minutes. I was under local anesthesia (several shots at the base of my penis quickly numbed the organ). The urologist, using a freehand technique, first made a dorsal cut in my foreskin and clamped off the bleeding tissue. He then clipped away the foreskin around the entire circumference of my penis, using what appeared to be surgical scissors and a scalpel. He then neatly sutured the incision which was located approximately one-half inch below the corona. Bleeding was minimal and I felt no pain whatsoever, only a notable pressure where the foreskin was being cut away. Watching the surgery was fascinating.

No pain followed the operation although I would wake up with nightly erections (the pressure around my incision was uncomfortable but not really painful, quickly going away when the erection faded). Within two and one-half weeks the sutures were gone and I was left with a small, barely noticeable circumcision scar.

My first post-circumcision sex was normal and quite enjoyable, as it had always been prior to the surgery. With each erection I felt some pressure around the circumcision scar for a month or more after my surgery; however, the sensation of pressure soon faded and finally disappeared completely.

Now, decades later, having lived about half of my life intact and half as a circumcised male, I believe I can speak with some experience and authority on the subject, providing the type of personal information you seek. Following are my candid conclusions:

1. There is no question the head of my uncircumcised penis was more sensitive than it is today. Also, penetration was easier to achieve before my surgery, especially when my wife was not fully aroused and moist. Regardless, both oral and vaginal sex remain pleasurable today. Other than these two changes, I found absolutely nothing different between pre- and post-circumcision sex. My circumcised penis has less notable odor but that was never an issue or problem prior to surgery.

2. After my circumcision, over time I found I was able to delay ejaculation longer (perhaps due initially to the lack of penile sensitivity and later I assume due to my advancing age). This delay, for whatever reason(s), pleases -- and pleasures -- both my wife and me. If it is due even in part to my circumcision, that must be considered a plus.

3. Finally, I believe that adult circumcision is a mental as well as a physical act. Living in a country during a time when most males indeed have been circumcised, I honestly have enjoyed my post-circumcision years more than the first half of my life which were marked with some ridicule and feelings of "being different." Combine that with a spouse who always expressed a personal preference for the look, feel and taste of a circumcised penis and I cannot help but believe that I did the right and proper thing in having my own foreskin removed. My only regret was that I did not act sooner.

Circumcision certainly is not for everyone. For example, I would agree that routine infant circumcision is a practice whose time has passed. Inflicting needless pain on newborns -- or anyone -- is a barbaric act. Further, I respect the opinions of those individuals who have had adult circumcisions and lived to regret it (perhaps a foreskin restoration is the logical answer for these men). However, only people who have never been circumcised -- women and intact men -- can fail to fully understand and appreciate the welcome mental relief and physical satisfaction that an adult circumcision can offer a man and his mate.

As previously noted, my only regret is not being circumcised sooner in life. I know the differences for myself and find them largely inconsequental in the physical sense but quite major in building one's self-esteem and self-confidence. My experience and feelings may be the exception to the circumcision rule; however, my wife and I are happy with the results and that is what matters most to me. 7/14/98

Regarding your request to seek personal information from those, male and female, who have had sex with both circumcised and intact, I offer my experience as a male, circumcised, but half-way down the road to full foreskin restoration.

I guess I had what was the typical circumcised penis... no problems that were obvious to me, but the usual naked glans. When erect the skin was taught and I could feel the tension. The dominant sensation during sex was friction of the rubbing along the shaft and glans of my penis... not unpleasant, but I didn’t know the difference.

Now, 2-1/2 years into an on-again-off-again foreskin restoration I can definitely report differences! Cosmetically it's pretty obvious.. when flaccid the glans is usually half-way covered, or at least the skin bunches up into loose folds around the glans (my flaccid length varies a lot.. anywhere from 2 to 5 inches). Erect, the skin remains loose.

During sex, the dominant sensation is no longer friction, but the tension of the skin being pulled in and out... an additional pleasurable and very different sensation entirely absent before restoration. It's hard to describe, but I must say it was well worth the time and effort put into restoration... certainly enough to encourage me to complete my restoration efforts!  Peter, 3/6/98

I was circumcised by personal choice at age 23. I am fifty now. I can not tell any difference in sensitivity whatsoever. I can not imagine how my pleasure would be more if I had not been circumcised. I was exposed before I was circumcised during intercourse and am similarly exposed now. There is absolutely no difference. It is much easier to keep clean now and my partner enjoys giving oral sex much more and more often. I am very glad I was circumcised and have no regrets. I have met numerous women that prefer circumcision. I have met none that did not. 1/16/98

I'm a British, uncircumcised, married man aged 37. I have what by any standards would be considered a tight foreskin. It retracts when my penis is flaccid but can't get more than halfway back over the glans when it's erect.  And yet:

- I've never experienced pain in masturbation, intercourse, etc etc.
- I have never had any urinary tract infections.
- I'm quite happy as I am !

In fact I only found out that my penis wasn't "normal" when one of my girlfriends remarked on it once. Briefly - we were having fun at the time. She never mentioned it again. Neither have any of my other sexual partners (between 5 and 10, if I'm counting).  

I suspect that my foreskin might be unusually long (I've never had another erect man around to check with... it's not the kind of thing us guys tend to compare notes on, y'know...), but in any case, it has plenty of "play" to move up and down. It just seems like maybe the opening is too small (not stretchy enough) to fit all the glans through.  

I went to a doctor once - he was a urologist. I thought he might be able to help maybe make the opening a little wider. But he was of the "any problems - snip it off" school. He was amazed I had children! He also said (really - I am not making this up - "maybe your wife doesn't mind, but a good-looking chap like you, you'll be getting yourself a mistress, and if she has any sort of sexual experience, she'll think you're weird". Well, I live in France, after all, but I think the guy probably spends too many hours each day looking at penises!

In my case the decision is clear: if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and in my case, it might not be exactly visually correct, but it works !  2/10/98

I’m 33 and recently married. My father was circumcised at birth but he had no strong feelings one way or another. I guess that after the births of five daughters my parents didn’t really see why their newborn boy automatically needed surgery. The doctor in our small hometown was flatly opposed to circumcision and counseled them, also. I imagine that whole town was full of foreskins by the time he retired.

My mother told me about my penis’ being different from most other boys’ (90 percent in my age group) about the age of six. Unfortunately her way of conveying this made me feel ashamed, or at least very private about it. I wouldn’t shower or urinate in a trough with the other boys because I feared ridicule. (I was undoubtedly right, and it took years before I would even use an open stall in a public men’s room with my foreskin held back.) Showering at scout camp in my underwear, though, earned me plenty of razzing.

Finally, I explained to my best friend why I did that, and he told me his cousin was intact, too. It was a mild relief to exchange this information. Only one other boy I ever saw was intact. I spotted the red tip of his child’s foreskin as he was dressing in the school locker room. I didn’t know him, though, so it would have been difficult to ever raise the subject with him, boys being so averse to anything that might be construed as a gay come-on.

My favorite fantasy when I was a teen was to be lying on a bed and have all the attractive girls I knew standing around me, stroking my penis. They watched each other and me, and all of them got really worked up by the competition, since the winner would be the one with my penis in hand when I reached orgasm. I suppose this was my way of winning acceptance for being physically different from all the other boys -- difference as an advantage with the girls.

I was 18 the first time I had sex, but the room was so dark I don’t think the girl ever got a look at it. We were both awkward for a number of reasons, and she tried to make me climax manually with baby oil, which just didn't work. I showed her how the foreskin functions, but her efforts still fell short. I think there were too many other complications in that encounter for it to have gone well at all. The second time was a girl who took my penis in hand and slowly drew the skin all the way forward a couple of times before we proceeded with intercourse, as if she wasn’t sure what to make of it. It was a spur-of-the-moment encounter, and we never followed up.

My early girlfriends weren't close enough emotionally for me to talk much about my foreskin, or else maybe I was too hung up on the matter to be frank and forward about it. None of them seemed to dislike it. I keep it clean, so I guess the most obvious objection never came up. Mostly they wanted to know why I was an exception, what my parents were thinking. (Incidentally, my parents and I have not discussed the matter since the conversation noted earlier. We were not a close family.)

As an adult, I discovered Uncut magazine on a newsstand. It’s a gay porno magazine with pictures and stories about foreskin-related experiences. It was the first time I really “shared” other men’s experiences with their intact status, and I felt much better about myself from that point on. I quit hiding my penis in the gym, for one thing. Other men stared, but of course none would ever say anything. I should add that I’m not gay and have no desire for a same-sex encounter; however, being in such a small minority makes me curious about other men’s penises. I suppose this is akin to being one of only two persons of one race in a room full of people of another race -- your consciousness of what makes you different is greatly heightened.

Now I’m comfortable with my intact status, though socially careful about speaking up on the subject. As you undoubtedly know, the Web is just about the only place where foreskin comes up as a matter of conversation.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve just gotten married. Since my foreskin is the looser variety, reaching just over the tip when flaccid and automatically rolling back when erect, my wife really didn't know about it at first. (It was, of course, always erect by the time she saw it.)

Finally, after our first two sexual experiences together, I pointed my foreskin out to her and showed her what part comes off in a circumcision. She toyed with it a while, then said she couldn't imagine why anyone would want to be circumcised. She decided then that she would encourage any girlfriends of hers not to have their baby boys cut.

Later, while I was entering her lying on her back with her knees up high, I reached below us and held the skin back to demonstrate how abrasive a cut penis can be when there's no rolling skin to "give" just a little with each stroke. She got a look of sudden familiarity -- that was how it felt to have sex with her first (circumcised) boyfriend, and she had never liked the feeling. During sex, his fully exposed penis would dry just enough to make the friction slightly painful. She had thought that was the way sex was supposed to be.

I think intact men who are considerate can offer their wives a benefit. Before entering my wife, I roll my foreskin forward, then push slightly inside her to moisten the loose skin and glans. Then I hold the skin still and push the glans through it and into her. She loves this because the head enters her with no “dry” friction.

My wife has been wonderful about my foreskin. She loves and is fascinated by it. Once, on a trip to the zoo, she started laughing uncontrollably in the reptile section. I asked her why, and she pointed to a turtle just pulling his head back into his shell. “He has a foreskin, too!”

In my opinion, the most persuasive arguments against circumcision are (1) it is unnatural to force an internal organ (the glans) into becoming an external organ, and (2) if God meant for us not to have foreskins, he wouldn’t have put them on us in the first place. 3/10/98

          Here is a description of the differences in sex between circ and uncirc men from a circumcised man who is gay. This will surely raise a lot of eyebrows. I would imagine a lot of you will get upset and question how I can include the experience of a gay man when talking about this. Obviously, women’s bodies work much differently. A woman can describe the difference for her personally, but she cannot feel what a man feels and cannot describe how it might be different for him. We women are often criticised for even discussing circumcision because we don’t have penises.

          In my opinion, a gay circumcised man would be quite qualified, possibly even more than a woman, to clearly define the differences. Who better to give such a review? What we are talking about here is “the sexual value of the foreskin”. A gay man knows what men are capable of feeling. I would think a gay man has more insight because, unlike a woman, he possesses the very same equipment he is talking about. So here is what was sent to me from a gay man:

          “I do think I have a lot of insight about this subject... Over the years I have noticed that uncircumcised men plainly have more intense pleasure (I see it as uncontrollable and very intense), erections last much longer and with much less stimulation. Circumcised men always need to be stimulated just so or they loose the feeling of pleasure.”

The names and e-mail addresses of all people have been left out in order to protect their privacy, unless I was instructed otherwise.  

Circumcision in Adulthood

Suggested Questions to Aid in Providing Accounts
Were you circumcised as an adult?
Why was it done?
Was your entire foreskin removed?
Was the procedure painful or difficult for you, and in what way?
Were there any complications?
Describe your recovery.
Are you happy about it?
Do you have any regrets?
Is sex better circumcised or intact?
What differences are there?
Has it improved or modified your mate's sexual experience in any way?
Is it more or less difficult to *keep yourself clean*?
Or is there no difference?
Would you like to make any other comments not addressed here?
Do you have any suggestions for changes or additional questions on this form?
Have you experienced sex with both intact and circumcised men?

If you've experienced sex with an intact male, was it a single occasion or was it a common occurrence?

Did you and your circumcised mate(s) exchange frequent infections?
Did you and your intact mate(s) exchange frequent infections?
In each situation, were both of you treated for the infection?
Do you prefer sex with an intact or circumcised male and why?
Have you performed oral sex in both cases?
How did they compare?
Which is more appealing and comfortable -- Intercourse with an Intact or Circumcised Male?
Would you like to make any other comments not addressed here?
Do you have any suggestions for changes or additional questions on this form?

OR, if you are a woman who has experienced sex with both circumcised men and men intact, you can also volunteer your input about the differences between the two in a female sexual survey located on another web site.

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Originally written 8/1/97
Last Revised:  6/27/99